Jesus Is Lord!

Jesus Is Lord!



Jesus Is Lord!

Office of the Episcopal Pastor

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From the Heart of Oklahoma City

Pastor & Mrs. Jefferson Tarver

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Are You Prepared?

Office of the Episcopal Pastor

Bishop John A. Cherry, II Episcopal Pastor

a.   4949 Allentown Rd. | Suitland, MD 20746

From My Heart

Are You Prepared?

We have been working from the same theme for two years now. “Preparing the Church for the Next Move of God”! This concept was first introduced at the July 2018 General Church Meeting. This has been the theme for all that is being taught in the church because the Will of God is always in front of us and there is more in front of us than is behind us as a ministry.

With that being said, each member of every From the Heart church must ask “Am I prepared; Is my house prepared; Is my marriage prepared; Is my heart prepared?” We have been taught that when we are prepared, we are made ready. In particular, we are made ready: in advance, to be used by God, to deal with adversity, through advanced planning and to establish the Will of God.

If you have taken the warnings of God seriously, then you should be prepared to deal with the adversities that we find ourselves in today. Life is filled with challenges, they come and go. If the challenges of life are preventing you from establishing the Will of God in your life, home, ministry and church – then you are not prepared.

Preparation is a necessity and God has established a set time for us all to be made ready for His next move. God is going to move His Will forward and He is going to do it with or without us, each one of us. Don’t you want to be a part of His next Move?

Upcoming Episcopal Visit

In light of COVID-19, Bishop and Mrs. Cherry have no planned visit to a From the Heart church at this time.

Stay tuned for their next visit to a local From the Heart church.

From My Heart

If so, you must do the work of obedience to be ready and most importantly, to stay ready. Preparation requires an urgency, we must see the importance of the work of preparing for what is coming. Much like with Noah, God is putting the responsibility of saving our house and our church on each of us individually.

God is requiring us to prepare through restoration. Restoration is a process that takes time and work by rebuilding what is damaged, healing our hurts, repairing our breaches (broken places), being ordered (that is to receive instructions from authority….and do it), being equipped for the work and strengthened to accomplish the Will of God.

It is my heart’s desire that every member under my authority will do the hard, unseen work of preparation. We are each on the clock and time is moving. What are you doing to be prepared?

We Are From the Heart

From the Heart Ministries of Oklahoma City

From the Heart Church Ministries of Oklahoma City is the newest From the Heart Church. This storefront church is led by Pastor & Mrs. Jefferson Tarver. The motto of this church is “Our behavior should match our belief” and Pastor Tarver is a good teacher. The small congregation is taught directly out of the Worldwide Church theme and Pastor Tarver’s sermons are closely tied to what Bishop Cherry teaches. The Oklahoma City church had its first Sunday Service in October 2012 and the current church location was dedicated in July 2017. The Sunday Worship Services are at 10:30 am and Tuesday Bible Study is at 6:30 p.m.  

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