Jesus Is Lord!

Jesus Is Lord!

Issue 21

Spring 2022

Jesus Is Lord!

Office of the Episcopal Pastor

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From the Heart of Los Angeles

Pastor & Mrs. Tyrone La Rose 

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 Overcoming Christian Complacency 

Office of the Episcopal Pastor

Bishop John A. Cherry, II
Episcopal Pastor

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From My Heart

 Overcoming Christian Complacency 

 It is quite easy to become complacent as a Christian. When we see ourselves or our relationship with God as good without putting forth effort, we can be drawn into complacency. When we see our responsibility to represent God in these times only as the need to login to watch Worship Services, we can be drawn into complacency. When we lack the press and pursuit that is necessary to grow in our Christian witness, we are drawn into a place of complacency. 

Complacency is dangerous because it is the sentiment and thinking that causes us to be pleased with self. Complacency is wrapped in self-approval, pride and self-congratulation. Christian complacency is no different. When we as Christians do not see the need to improve, that is complacency. Let me remind each of us that in the flesh dwells no good thing and that sin and evil dwell in our carnal nature (Romans 7:14-21). 

To overcome complacency, we must first see it for what it is. We must be willing to identify when we are slacking in our own godly pursuits and efforts. We cannot have a short-term or periodic zeal for God and for pursuing Him and His righteousness. The love that God has shown us remains consistent and powerful. Therefore, we must be consistent in having a press for our own Christian growth and development. 

 If you find that you have slipped into a complacent place, change. Put forth more effort and more work in the things of God. Spend more time reading God’s Word for your own edification. Spend more time in communication with God. 


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From My Heart

Put more effort into applying what you are being taught directly into your life. This means you should be a living epistle of what you are being taught. Your family, your loved ones, those in your environment and under your influence should see in your life a practical example of how to apply the love of God to the situations of their life. 

Do not rest in whatever godly success you may have experienced in life. Our flesh is behind the notion that we have already done enough or that we do not need to do more to minister to a particular person or situation. Our flesh causes us to only minister to those that we are comfortable with or that we want to be around. But we can see from the Word of God and Jesus’ example that love is not always convenient. Ministry is service and we must continue to have the heart of a servant being willing to meet the needs of others. 

The more we grow, the more we show the love of God to everyone. We cannot be complacent in this assignment, we must overcome Christian complacency. 


We Are From the Heart

From the Heart Church Ministries of Los Angeles

From the Heart Church Ministries of Los Angeles is located in Long Beach, California. It is a growing church in a residential neighborhood. Pastor Tyrone La Rose and his wife, Reverend Pamela La Rose, work in leading this congregation both spiritually and through church administration. From the Heart of Los Angeles has a vibrant, loving congregation. The church is located near Silverado Park in Upper Westside Los Angeles. This congregation is being taught how to be perfected and how to live according to what they are being taught. 

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