Jesus Is Lord!

Jesus Is Lord!

Issue 5

November 2020

Jesus Is Lord!

Office of the Episcopal Pastor

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From the Heart of Dallas

Pastor & Mrs. Darrell Hymes

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Establishing the Church

Office of the Episcopal Pastor

Bishop John A. Cherry, II Episcopal Pastor

a.   4949 Allentown Rd. | Suitland, MD 20746

From My Heart

Establishing the Church

I have talked with the General Church often about the importance of establishing From the Heart. We are blessed because From the Heart has been founded but we are not yet established.
From the Heart is a good church. We have good pastors that have a heart to minister to God’s people. We have a constitution, a governing document that sets our order, our purpose and serves as our reference guide. We have foundational teachings that are extracted from God’s Word, providing us with truths and “how to” instructions to assist us in our growth and development. We thank God for this good foundation and the work that was accomplished by our Founders, my parents.

However, we are not yet established. We are not established until we have permanence and are self-sufficient. As long as From the Heart is reliant on a person to succeed, we are not established.

It is my goal that we work together to establish the ministry. From the Heart has been good to us. This church has cleaned us up, taught us the truth of God’s Word, put us in position to be in a working relationship with God, saved our homes, marriages and children, made us better, turned us into people with godly character and a good name.

Out of gratitude, we should all be motivated to leave this church in a position of permanence. That is my goal. At this time, it is our collective responsibility to leave each local church in position to be here for those who are coming behind us.

Upcoming Episcopal Visit

In light of COVID-19, Bishop and Mrs. Cherry have no planned visit to a From the Heart church at this time.

Stay tuned for their next visit to a local From the Heart church.

From My Heart

We must work to leave it for those that God will bring to our doors after we are no longer in the earth. We should not be content in just attending church (although we all do need to regularly attend church) but we should be compelled to build the church and strengthen our hands for the good work of strengthening the church.

To establish the church takes our personal sacrifice. Sacrifice is to go without so that others may have. It is exchanging the lesser thing for what is greater. As long as our churches require tithes and offerings to survive, we are not established. The I WILL campaign reminds us of the importance of remembering our church by leaving an inheritance to our local church when we go home to be with the Lord. I encourage every From the Heart member to have a will, a legal declaration of your wishes regarding the disposal of your property or estate after your natural death. To learn more about this, don’t forget to visit the Planned Giving tab without our website.

We Are From the Heart

From the Heart Church Ministries of Dallas

From the Heart Church Ministries of Dallas has a motto, “A Church of Togetherness”. Pastor Darrell Hymes works diligently, with the help of his wife Reverend Tonya Hymes. It is a loving, family-oriented church and has many young adults in the congregation. From the Heart of Dallas is located near West Dallas and is situated in a residential neighborhood. This congregation has a desire for people to know, experience and share the love Jesus Christ.

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