Jesus Is Lord!

Jesus Is Lord!

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1These features not available on Roku and Fire TV devices.


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For the annual payment, you pay once every 12-months. This option is the best value. Should you choose to cancel the subscription, you will continue to have access for the remaining months until the anniversary of your start date.

For the monthly payments, you pay monthly and you can cancel any time. Should you choose to cancel the subscription, you will continue to have access for 1-month after the last payment date.

From the main menu click on "Subscription sign in". Login with the email and password you setup during the subscription purchase. 

If you choose to cancel, you will not be charged at the renewal of your subscription, whether you are on the Annual Plan  or Monthly Plan. To  cancel your subscription,

1. Log into your subscription account on

2. On the top right, from the dropdown select "Manage Subscription".

3. Select "Pause" or "Cancel" subscription.


*Important note, if you signed up for the Annual Subscription at the discounted launch price of $120 and cancel your subscription, when you subscribe again it will be at current price and not the launch price.

Yes, you will need internet connection to access the content on your device.

If you download a MP3 or PDF note, once the download is complete, it can be accessed without internet connection.

Once you subscribe, the subscription is already set to auto renew.

Unfortunately no free trial is available at this time.

YES, give the gift that will help someone grow in their relationship with the Father. To gift a subscription,

1. Navigate to and click on "Subscribe".

2. On the subscribe page click on "Gift this subscription" and select the term from the dropdown. Remember to scroll down to see all available term options.

3. Enter the required details.

*Carefully read where to enter your email and the recipient's email. Include an encouraging message.