Jesus Is Lord!

Jesus Is Lord!

Other from the Heart Churches

If you do not live in the immediate Washington DC Metropolitan area and would like to attend a service at another From the Heart Church we may have one in your area.  The list below gives the name, phone number, and address of the From the Heart Churches from around the world.  If you do not find one in your area, click here to download our pamphlet that will assist you in finding a Bible Believing Bible Teaching Church.

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FTHCM (Parent Church)

Episcopal Pastor John A. Cherry, II


4949 Allentown Road, Suitland, MD 20746


(301) 899-9411

Washington, DC Expansion Location

Reverend Porter Lawson


(202) 882-2137


15 Kennedy St., NW, Washington, DC 20011

FTHCM of Atlanta

Pastor Charles W. Starks, Jr.

The Atlanta church is known as “the church that loves” and its emphasis of ministry is to provide a place where people from all walks of life can be respected, healed, loved and restored. The members are taught that God wants to use the gifts, talents and abilities that He has given each of us to fulfill His purpose. The church has caused the young and old to come together to hear an uncompromising, scriptural, simple and Christ-centered approach to the Gospel.


1583 Westhaven Drive, Atlanta, GA 30311


(404) 755-9995

FTHCM of Charlotte

Pastor Terence Jennings

The Charlotte church is a loving church that strives to care for God’s people and preach His Word.  The church motto is “A Church of Love Founded Upon Righteousness”.  The members are taught the importance of living according to the Bible, the love of God and how to apply righteousness in their lives.


1100 N. Sharon Amity Road, Charlotte, NC 28211-3142


(704) 364-8770

FTHCM of Chicago

Pastor Brian Gullins, Sr.

The Chicago church has a faithful membership that supports their pastor and his family as he teaches the rightly divided Word of Truth.  The church continues to grow spiritually, administratively and financially under the leadership of their pastor.  The church is a beacon of life, love and hope in their community.


6641 South Troy Street, Chicago, IL 60629


(773) 776-6100

FTHCM of Cincinnati

Pastor Clarissa W. Cook

The Cincinnati church has a rich history of uncompromised commitment to God and to His Son, Jesus Christ.  The pastoral team continues to preach the Gospel, build the Infrastructure and reform the church.  The Cincinnati church provides clear evidence that Christ Jesus is faithful and is a church of spiritual, administrative and financial excellence.


715 Fleming Road, Cincinnati, OH 45231-3905


(513) 531-5433

FTHCM of Dallas

Pastor Darrell S. Hymes

The Dallas church is “a church of togetherness” that continues to grow in the grace, knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.  The church has a desire for people to know, experience and share the love of Jesus Christ with all they encounter.


2116 West Brooklyn Ave., Dallas, TX 75208


(214) 941-8900

FTHCM of Eastern Europe

Reverend Zhanna Sakovich

The Eastern Europe churches are located in Belarus, Moldova and Russia.  These churches continue to grow spiritually and naturally.  The youth in this region have come thirsty for the preaching of the Gospel and several youth camps have been conducted.  Because of the ministry of God’s Word and the movement of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, many members of the churches in Eastern Europe have experienced refreshment, deliverance and encouragement.


Korzhenevskogo Str. 24, Minsk, Belarus 220115


011(375) 17-278-1072

FTHCM of Edmonton

Pastor René Vincent Tshibula

The Edmonton church is a perfecting member of From the Heart.  The church has an emphasis on teaching the truth of God’s Word and winning souls for Jesus Christ.  The members are taught to live according to the Holy Bible.


17818 - 107 Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta. T5S 1J1 Canada


(780) 803-1132

FTHCM of Ethiopia

Pastor Tegegnework Tadele

The Ethiopia churches are located in Debre Zeit and Mojo. There are several young adults in this ministry as well as children and older church members. The emphasis of this ministry is the teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Ras Hotel Road, Debre Zeit, Ethiopia


011 (251) 911-42-5163

FTHCM of Guyana

Pastor Kemuel Rock

The Guyana church has grown spiritually, administratively and financially and is in the process of building a new church home.  This congregation continues in its efforts to be the substance of their faith and to walk in truth.  These are the two most important things that the Guyana church seeks to cultivate, encourage and leave as a deposit in the earth.


Lot 144 Regent Road, Bourda, Georgetown, Guyana, South America 


011 (592) 226-5683

FTHCM of Harrisburg

Pastor Reginald D. Covington

The Harrisburg church is a lively and exciting church.  This ministry has experienced tremendous growth over the years.  The multi-cultural congregation is filled with young adults, children and established families.  The pastoral team has a heart for the people of God and a desire that they receive God’s best.


1300 Wayne Street, Harrisburg, PA 17104


(717) 238-1408

FTHCM of Houston

Pastor Stephen C. White

The Houston church is a wonderful ministry.  The pastoral team shows forth the love of God and seeks to build families through hope, health and healing.  The church has a loving congregation and the members are taught to live according to the doctrine and theology of From the Heart.  This church has been strengthened through teaching and fellowship.


5249 Dow Road, Houston, TX 77040


(713) 939-0300

FTHCM of India

Bishop P. James Herbert

The main India church is located in Visakhapatnam.  This ministry continues to expand and several branch churches have been added.  In spite of the challenges from the local government and persecution for being Christians, the overseer of this work continues to be a bold soldier in the furtherance of the Gospel.  This church continues to move forward in bringing souls to Christ.


Door No. 49-51-7/A, N.G.G.O.'s Coop Colony, Akkayyapalem, VSP 16 South India, A.P.

FTHCM of Indonesia

Bishop Amos Numberi

The Indonesia churches are located on the Sumatera, Java, Timor and Bali Islands.  In spite of the challenges of ministering in a predominantly Moslem country, God is faithful and the churches in Indonesia are running well and continue to grow.  There are numerous local FTH churches in Indonesia with faithful members.


Golden Blvd. BSD, Blok H2/48 Serpong-Tangerang 15310, Indonesia


011 (6221) -531-59-101

FTHCM of Los Angeles

Pastor Tyrone C. La Rose

The Los Angeles church was built by the desire of mature believers who loved the Lord and were eager to learn the rightly divided Word of Truth. This church seeks to receive the Word of God with sincere appreciation and excitement. The members are taught how to be perfected and how to live by what they are taught.


1401 West Spring Street, Long Beach, CA 90810


(562) 427-5903

FTHCM of Oklahoma City

Pastor Jefferson Tarver

The Oklahoma City church’s foundation and teaching ministry were established with the same mission as the Parent Church – to build strong families by leading people to the Lord, one soul at a time.  Their motto is “Our behavior should match our belief!”


9217 NE 10th Street, Midwest City, OK 73130


(405) 455-7284

FTHCM of Philadelphia

Pastor Reuben L. Monmouth, III

The Philadelphia church was established on the vision, discipline, spiritual principles and foundational teachings of the Parent Church.  This church has experienced tremendous growth over the years and the church motto is “The Church with A Good Heart.”  This church continues to grow spiritually, administratively and financially.  There is an expansion location of this ministry in Brooklyn, New York.


3600 North 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140


(215) 227-5380

FTHCM of Raleigh

Pastor Walter C. Rayner

The Raleigh church has many developmental programs, seminars, enrichment classes and workshops desired to strengthen and enhance the lives of its members.  This ministry has an emphasis on teaching the congregation the importance of glorifying God and growing in the things of God.


2940 Trawick Road, Raleigh, NC 27604-4600


(919) 850-9602

FTHCM of Richmond

Pastor James Z. Ransom

The Richmond church has experienced great growth over the years.  This ministry was established with an emphasis on teaching and receiving the correctly interpreted truth of God’s Word.  This congregation is filled with loving members that have a desire to grow in the things of God.  There is an expansion location of this ministry in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


3300 Neale Street Richmond, VA 23223


(804) 321-4824

Fredericksburg, VA Expansion Location

Reverend Brian Gullins


Comfort Suites Hotel, North 541 Warrenton Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22406

FTHCM of South Africa

Pastor Wouter Ackerman

The South Africa churches are located in three different provinces.  The parent church is located in Johannesburg.  This congregation has been taught the rightly divided Word of God and the importance of the Reformation message.  This congregation seeks to live according to God’s Word and there is great cultural diversity within the church.


11 Australorp Street, Princess, Roodepoort, South Africa


011 (27) 11-764-3441

FTHCM of Tulsa

Pastor Darrell S. Hymes

Tulsa church has a multi-cultural congregation that loves the Lord.  The church is being taught the importance of seeking and saving the lost, so that others may come to experience salvation through Jesus Christ.


2211 North Harvard Avenue, Tulsa, Ok 74115


(918) 895-8272

FTHCM of Waldorf

Pastor Michael White

The Waldorf church is a good church and has experienced growth and productivity.  This pastoral team are humble, willing servants that have a desire to minister to God’s people.  The members are taught the rightly divided Word of Truth and how to apply it to every aspect of their lives.


169B Smallwood Village Center, Waldorf, MD 20602


(240) 448-5361

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